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Our production plant, with an indoor area of 20,000 sqm, which has been designed as compatible with the JIT (Just In Time) production method where we have used state of the art technology and modern production methods on each line, has the capability to produce and process all types of materials. All processes are monitored through LCD displays and the production lines are operated by CNC machines in our production plant.


General Information About the Production Facility

Overall Plant Area

Our production plant has a total indoor area of 22,500 sqm, a storage area of 2.500 sqm and a green area of 3,800 sqm.



We closely follow up on all developments related with production technology and integrate these technologies into our system in order to increase our efficiency and quality.



Our plant is equipped with paint sludge separation units, separated waste units and chemical waste melting units. Emission of chemical wastes has been prevented in the entire plant by environment friendly stack emission measurements and a treatment plant.


Production Capacity

Our plant has the monthly capacity to perform the production of 52 Fuel Stations, 17,550 sqm Facade production, 29 Totems, 11,922 sqm of Frontal Signboards, and the turn-key delivery of 41 Corporate Stores.


  • Light Metal Production Area
    5.500 m2 production area + 6.500 mm material processing capacity + 750 m2 foil processing center
    6.500 mm CNC scissor + 3 axis 6.500 mm CNC abgant press + 6.500 mm CNC cylinder + High performance Perfect cutting up to 3 mm + Assigning tasks remotely to all machines + JIT (Just in Time) Production Method + Whole plant temperature and humidity control
    3.100 mm CNC scissors [Anti Twist] + 3D milling cutters
    3.100 mm 4 axis CNC bending machines + Automatic bending Up to 30 ° bending possibility
  • Painting Area
    Static paint line with a 52 m conveyor line and 200 C° oven + 4-axis robot paint technology + Application technology that can extend the lifetime of the paint for up to 5 years + Air Curtain technology in all cabins + Continuous measurement by test laboratory
    2 Preparation Cabinet + 2 Liner Cabinet + 2 Top Coat Paint Booth + 2 Drying Cabinet
    Totally 1.100 m2 wet paint per day + Total 1.400 m2 electrostatic powder paint daily
    7 Pool (16 ton x7) Chromatization Line + Drying Pool (150 C °)
    Sandblasting machine with 8-12 bar operated by Filter Jet-Pulse system in the sand blasting area with 5 mm special rubber tire which is 90 m 7 7 m high.
  • Steel Manufacturing Area
    5.500 m2 working area + Total 2.100 m2 of paint per day
    2 pieces 76 mx 27 m hol + 3 units 7.5 tons crane, 1 2.5 ton crane, 1 ton crane + plasma cutting up to 20 mm + 2 30 ton pneumatic CNC eccentric press + 10 mm Profile bending up to 200 mm + Laser cutting [2.7 kWA] + Application technology that can extend the service life of the paint up to 5 years + Air Curtain technology in all cabins
    Temperature and humidity control of the entire facility + Continuous measurement with test laboratory + Monitoring of all processes and progress on the monitor
    Steel paint booth mechanical transport between furnaces [Convector] + 2.200 x 600 x 600 cm furnace final coat paint booth [2.5 tonnes crane] + 1.100 x 500 x 500 cm water curtain wet paint booth + 1.100 x 300 x 150 cm drying cabinet
  • Pole Production
    Production of pipe poles up to 20 mm thick without diameter and length limit
    Cylinder technology for conical mast production + Electromechanical workbench for pole manufacturing [Ottoman Advertising R & D] + Robot welding technology
  • Furniture Production Area
    4,000 m2 closed working area
    3D CNC cutting machines + CNC PVC machines + Multi-panel sizing + Mini Fix + MDF - Chipboard - Laminate and Balloon coating + Wood Lacquer application
  • Assembly Area
    750 m2 acrylic processing area
    Printing up to 5,500 mm
    Thermo form vacuum machine with 6.000 mm x 2.100 mm application area [Ottoman Advertising R & D] + 4.000 mm extrusion acrylic profile machines [Ottoman Advertising R & D] + 5.500 mm x 1.800 mm x 500 mm furnace + 3.100 mm x 1.800 mm x 500 mm oven
  • Tests
    Color Visuality
    The brightness and color value of the material paint are controlled both visually and by technical measurements according to the reference color plate.⦁ Spektro fotometre ⦁ Boya parlaklık (glossınıes)
    Paint Performance
    Material resistance to external factors and resistance to seasonal conditions are tested with reference to the quality specifications requested by our customers.⦁ Cruss- cut; Bu ölçüm, kürlenmiş boya filminin yüzeye yapışma derecesini belirlemek amacıyla yapılır. ⦁ Boya kalınlık ölçer (thickness); Bu test, kürlenmiş boya filminin kalınlığını ölçmek amacıyla yapılır. Kalınlık ölçüm cihazının magnetik probu boyalı palak üzerine yerleştirilir ve kalınlık mikron olarak ölçülür.
    The metallurgical properties of the raw materials supplied and produced are important factors affecting the safety of the product. For this reason, our raw materials and products are analyzed by our company in terms of both chemical and metallurgical structures.Ham madde malzeme bileşenleri
    Dimensional Measurements
    Measurements are made to ensure the conformity of our products to the dimensional dimensions and surface sensitivity values.⦁ Boyutsal ölçüm; Metre + Ultrasonik ölçüm cihazı (kalınlık ölçer) + Dijital mater + Kumpas + Kaynak kalınlık ölçer + Dijital kumpas ⦁ Yüzey pürüzlülük ölçüm
    Lighting Performance
    Lux meter (lighting) + Light measurement + Wavelength measurements + Color tone of phosphor + White LED color temperature allows us to make measurements. + Transfer the results to computer environment and test reports are prepared.
  • Printing Center
    780 m2 working area
    Plus HP Latex R2000 Plus Printer; World has 5 single + 46 sqm in Turkey / hr (496 ft² / hr) - Interior Production + 88 m² / hr (948 ft² / hr) - print the Outdoors + All advertising materials (glass, wood, canvas , carton, aluminum etc.) ⦁ HP Lateks 360 Yazıcı; 64 inçe (1.60cm) kadar geleneksel tabela altlıklarına baskı + 6 renk kartuş sistemi ve 1200 dpi baskı görüntüsü + Saatte 31 m2/sa yüksek hızda dış mekan kalitesi
    Ines Roland R 2000 CAMM1 Cutting Machine; Maximum cutting area; width: 1626 mm length: 24998 mm + CAMM-1 GR cutter with up to 1.485 mm per second + up to 600 g pressure. + 10 pressure adjustment 00 Mutoh SC 1300; 600 grams pressure knife system + 100 to 1530 mm / sec speed + 10 meters material monitoring. + Cutting power / thickness 30-600 gr / 0.8mm material
  • Dispatch
    Shipping fleet for 34 vehicles
  • Acrylic Production and Molding
    780 m2 working area
    Essien Vacum Technology Acrylic Vacuum Machines that can process 1,490 x 1,000 mm / 1,400 x 2,100 mm in dimensions. Horizontal Printing (Light Band) Machine + 3 Units Circular Saw

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